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"What the hell have we got ourselves into?"

Plot SummaryEdit

When the Moon falls into an orbit that places it directly between two planets on opposing sides of their sun, a huge spacecraft from the planet Betha takes up a position on the Moon and begins to launch an offensive on the other planet, Delta. The Alphans soon realise that the two planets are at war, and that their relative positions make it impossible for them to fire directly at each other, but now the Moon has provided the Bethans with the ideal gun platform. Missiles from Delta apparently destroy the Bethan craft, but an escape vehicle makes its way to Alpha and the occupant, the Bethan commander Dione, seeks asylum on the base. When a Deltan battlecruiser takes up position on the Moon to launch an offensive on Betha, Koenig desperately attempts to negotiate a cease-fire, but the cunning Dione has other plans...

Filming ScheduleEdit

Friday, November 8th - Tuesday, November 19th, 1974 and Tuesday, February 25th - Thursday, february 27th, 1975

Original TitlesEdit

  • "The Second Sex"
  • "The Other Enemy"


The Last Enemy was reportedly based on an idea by Barbara Bain who suggested the scenario as a metaphor for the 'war of the sexes' - she talked the idea over with director Bob Kellett who worked it into the finished script.

Some of the incidental music is culled from the Chappell Recorded Music Library, specifically "Cosmic Sounds No. 3" by George Teperino (aka Nino Nardini).


Season 1
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