Season 1.5Edit

Number Name Description
01 Alien SeedNovel by E.C. Tubb
02Android PlanetNovel by John Rankine

Rogue Planet||Novel by E.C. Tubb

04Spirit of KalakComic in 'Everything That Was'
05The Long ManComic in 'Everything That Was'
06CornocopiaComic in 'Everything That Was'
07The Mind of the SnarkComic in 'Everything That Was'
08Seeds of DoubtComic in 'Everything That Was'
09Demon StarComic in 'Everything That Was'
10The Old Gods Are Not ImmortalComic in 'Everything That Was'
11E Pluribus UnumComic in 'Everything That Was'
12ResurrectionPowys novel by William Latham
13FutilityPowys short story by John Kenneth Muir in 'Shepherd Moon'
14Dead EndPowys short story by E.C. Tubb in 'Shepherd Moon'
15Fallen StarPowys short story by Albert León, Ken Scott, Lindsey Scott-Ipsen and Raja Thiagarajan in 'Shepherd Moon'
16The ForsakenPowys novel by John Kenneth Muir
17SurvivalPowys novel by Brian Ball
18The Astellian GiftPowys short story by Emma Burrows in 'Shepherd Moon'

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