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Kano berating June

Kano berating June about the spilt coffee, while Paul watches in the background

June (surname not revealed) is a member of the staff in Main Mission.[N 1]


June appears to be Kano's assistant. She is named in Missing Link, where she spills a tray of coffee and is told off by Kano. She says "Good morning, Commander" to Koenig in the corridor in Guardian of Piri.[1]

Her exact age is unknown, but she appears to be in her mid 20s.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character was played by June Bolton, and appeared in 5 episodes during Season 1: Earthbound, Another Time, Another Place, Missing Link, Guardian of Piri and Force of Life.[1]



  1. It isn't known if June was still alive when command of Alpha was transferred to Command Centre


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