The Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook is a reference book about Moonbase Alpha, the main location in Space: 1999.


Moonbase AlphaEdit

  • A Brief History

External StructuresEdit

  • Launch Pad-External Views
  • Level G
  • Level H
  • Level I
  • Level J
  • Main Mission
    • Elevations
  • Level B
  • Command Center
  • Medical Center
  • Power/Life Support/Weapons Center
  • Living Unit-Officer Accomodations
  • Travel Tube-Passenger Car
  • Communication Post


  • Commlock
    • General Information
    • Front and Side Plans and Key
    • Elevation & Bottom Plans
  • Stun Gun
    • General Information
    • Front, Left and Top Plans and Key
  • Laser Cannon


  • Early Version Duty Wardrobe
  • Male Duty Wardrobe
  • Female Duty Wardrobe
  • Environmental Suit-Front Profile
  • Environmental Suit-Back Profile



  • Major Historic Events 1981-1999
  • Journey of Moonbase Alpha

Episode GuideEdit

  • First Season in Production Order
  • Second Season in Production Order


  • The Eagles: History, Uses and Construction
  • Errata and Notes


  1. MATN Index

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