Kevin Stoney (Talos - The Last Enemy) is one of the most familiar guest actors in British SF, action and adventure television, with roles in numerous series such as Danger Man, Doctor Who (three times), Man In A Suitcase, The Prisoner, Doomwatch, R3, The Adventures Of Don Quick, Counterstrike, Ace Of Wands, The Tomorrow People, The New Avengers, Blakes 7, Quatermass and The Enigma Files. He was also seen as Thrasyllus in I, Claudius and in a recurring role as 'Horatio' Nelson in Bergerac. He made his film debut in Strongroom (1961) and went on to appear in Murder At The Gallop (1963), Autostop (1965), The Blood Beast Terror (1967), Guns In The Heather (1968) and The Dresser (1983).

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