Kate Bullen is one of the operatives assigned to Main Mission (and later Command Centre).


Main Mission operative. According to her Year 2 ID badge, her full name is "S. BULLEN" (the name of the actress). She is named Kate in The AB Chrysalis and The Taybor.

In The Full Circle she was part of the initial planetary mission, and was turned into a cavewoman.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kate was portrayed by Sarah Bullen, and appeared in Force of Life, Alpha Child, The Last Sunset, Voyager's Return, Collision Course, Death's Other Dominion, The Full Circle, End of Eternity, The Last Enemy, The Troubled Spirit, Space Brain, The Infernal Machine, Mission of the Darians, Dragon's Domain, The Testament of Arkadia, The Exiles, The Metamorph, One Moment of Humanity, Journey to Where, The Taybor and The AB Chrysalis.

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