Julian Glover (Jarak) is primarily known for his many villainous roles, perhaps the best-known of which are his portrayals of Colonel Breen in Quatermass And The Pit (1967), General Veers in The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Aris Kristatos in For Your Eyes Only (1981) and Walter Donovan in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989). He made his feature film debut in Tom Jones (1963) and went on to appear in Theatre Of Death (1967), The Magus (1968), Alfred The Great (1969), Wuthering Heights (1970), Nicholas And Alexandra (1971), Juggernaut (1974), The Internecine Project (1974), Heat And Dust (1982), Cry Freedom (1987), The Fourth Protocol (1987) and King Ralph (1991). In the 1960s and 70s, Glover carved a niche for himself in television with numerous guest roles in series such as The Avengers (four times), Doctor Who (twice), The Saint, The Champions, Callan, Jason King, The Sweeney and Blakes 7. He has also guested in Magnum p.i., Remington Steele, Bergerac and Midsomer Murders, while his regular television roles have included Colonel James Cadogan in Wish Me Luck, Lord Revelstroke in Nancy Astor, Andrew Blake in The Chief, Dr. Stefan Kilkiss in the short-lived Q.E.D. and the starring role as Sir Martin Lacey in By The Sword Divided. He is married to actress Isla Blair, seen in War Games and Journey to Where.

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